Build the Ultimate Content Marketing Strategy with Infographics

August 24, 2016
Stir the storm in your coffee mug. That’s what infographics are all about.

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners. Clearly, content marketing strategy based on visualization makes a huge difference in creating and sustaining a strong audience base.

Infographics turn complex concepts into lovable breadcrumbs for targeted branding that can’t escape the sight of marketers looking for innovative ways to engage audiences. To know why and how, read on…


  • Infographics—The Bridge between Content and Visual data interpretation
    Tell your story with an infographic


    Credits – foomandoonian

    Infographics are like super-cool posters that present a collection of data in delightful form. They come handy in linking multiple contents into one single frame with logical chronology. It is like doping your old, monotonous content marketing strategy with steroids. When done right, they are far more captivating than other static forms of content.

    It is humanely impossible to navigate through hundreds of blog content and retain even a percent of that.

  • Visual Content Make More Impact
    Generate more views than pictures and videos


    Credits – Visually

    65% of the senior digital marketing executives use infographics and picture illustrations to push their content strategy. Infographics get 94% more viewership than pictures and videos, making them the most sought-after element in content marketing strategy.

    Thanks to the longer shelf life, audience refer to the schematic outline of the content with better grasp on the whole idea.

  • Infographics do not Speak, They Show Business
    A business professional spends less than 10 seconds on choosing a content.
    Verbose content, no matter how relevant and useful they might seem, have no value if the readers give them a total miss. Enhance the readability and visibility of your valuable business content’. Fortify your brand image by showing the business within the 10-second attention window with industry-specific brand reinforcement for a high ROI.

  • Highest Share and Recyclability Value
    Magnify the visual consumption with reinforced data.Use old content, refurbish them with innovative graphical elements and link them into a series of viral content. Infographics are liked and shared way more than any other content on social media. Twitter and Pinterest are proof of the colossal impact that infographics have on their targeted audience. A marketing campaign is often incomplete without Infographics, and why wouldn’t it be? Content marketing is said to bring in 3 times as many leads as a traditional approach does.

  • Magnify Your Social Revenue
    Boost You Social Rankings


    Credits – Visually

    Informative pages with high-quality visual items offer excellent medium to communicate online with high social currency value, especially on Twitter and Google+. Club graphical elements with SEO parameters on the website to pep up the page rankings significantly. It is very important to work with infographics development team that understands the keys of SEO/ SMO and Social media analytics for sure results.

  • How to Use Infographics
    Make your business more Pinteresting!

    • Focus on making them viral. Be unique, and project accuracy as your strength.
    • Build customized infographics for everyone. Make it a point to revise them every time there is a change in the market trends.
    • Embed useful infographics into blogs and social media posts revealing amazing facts, figures and numbers. From business POV, everybody likes to dig into numbers.
    • Make them easy to read but focus on a logical layout. Complicated infographics do make good impact, but that again depends on the kind of content on the offer.
    • A series of graphical data sheets can be clubbed together and logically stitched together to make a video infographics.

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  • Improve Reach with Embedded Infographics in Emailers & Newsletters
    Collaborating with infographics using automated email campaigns can generate higher reads and leads with subscription-based infographics shared as newsletters, brochures and whitepapers.
    Now just because you read the stats and decided to go the Infographic way doesn’t mean your business is going to have a ‘’do over’’. Content marketing works but only if you are committed to invest considerable research, time and expert resources.

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