Branding and Storytelling in The Era of Mobile | Knowledge at #SMWBangalore

March 18, 2015

About the Speaker –  Shradha Sharma

She is the founder and CEO at YourStory Media. She started YourStory in 2008, with the aim of championing the spirit of entrepreneurship in India.

I think these 2 lines describes who the speaker is and her mammoth work in the media business. She was the only speaker whom I recognized from the list of speakers in the #SMWBangalore’15 schedule.

I had made a check list of things to do at this session and one of the prominent this was to find out what are the key things that grabs her attention in an entrepreneur’s journey, and I was successful in my mission 😛

Here are few key takeaways from the session

  • The essence of winning story are- hero/in, villain, goal, fall and win.
  • Truth is key to success in digital media.
  • Never stop experimenting.
  • Ask why for the outcomes.
  • The most interesting thing in a startup journey is its back story.

This session was link turning and looking back at my own life, then I realized there is no better story than my own real life experiences.

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