How Can Your Brand Book Help You With Positive Brandwashing

July 14, 2016


Brand Books are becoming cooler and trendier with new designing concepts and graphic templates. But what truly sets the piece apart is the way the brand identity is pushed to the top without making it looking an obvious platform to sell the business proposition. If you are yet to put up a Brand Book in place, and are looking for content ideas to collate every bit of information superfluously, here is how a well-conceived idea help in creating a positive brand washing platform for your enterprise right away.

Ramp up your identity

A wonderfully way to communicate with the audience, a Brand Book contains all the necessary elements used in the marketing branding mediums. From the use of logo to the connections sealed with the production line, if you have a Brand Book to tell your story, your brand washing strategy is already on a roll towards success.

Portray an image of sustenance and evolution to make a pleasant impact on the way your customers, partners, and vendor actually see you in the business.

Walk the Talk

Brand Book is all about projecting the smallest of details in a magnified way. Especially, when it comes to your most valuable intellectual asset- your Logo! It takes immense effort and insane amount of documentation to get the logo registered with the authorities.

The Brand Book perfectly acknowledges the importance of your logo, and how it is supposed to be used across different marketing channels. With proper colour themes, background image, vector scales and typography, your logo is now an established entity, confirmed by your own Brand Book.

A guide to your branding strategies

Your brand book is an exclusive document that touches the areas that make your brand alive. Without throwing the book wide open, the viewer can easily gauge the distinct flavours and concepts used in the Brand Book, influencing his/her decisions.

A strong communication guide into the branding strategies, it gives a hindsight into why and how the brand continues to sustain without sounding too animated about it.

Setting a chord with the audience

Not just how your name sounds in the Brand Book, in order to create positive brand washed image, it is important to get it done softly and passionately. The best way to do it is to use professional tone with a personal touch.

Brand Books lets you enough space to go beyond the regular graphic elements and give an insight into extensive aspects of your objectives, mission statements and of course, your business manifesto. Set a personal rapport with the audience by including words that unique to your brand image, and with whom you would like your users to get associated with.

Build a stylishly positive web presence

Most brand book designers consider it as their duty to make resounding graphics for the organization. Colour themes have become so important, that it longer requires the signature line or the multiple logo versions to support the meaning behind its existence. Brand books that are compatible with both desktop as well as mobile give an idea about how the company must be doing in its established domain and niche market.

Establish credibility of the business

A positive brand washing strategy depends a lot on how you portray your reliability. A charming brand book gives an enthralling story line for the audience to make sure that they are dealing with a business house that knows its footing and its directions well. When you have a consistency flowing in the Brand Book, your work culture is reflected in it too.

Moreover, you always have an identity to live up to, and the Brand Book makes that identity clearer for the years to come.

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness

Positive brand washing is also about giving point of references about your business’s effectiveness and operational efficiency. Without sounding too technical, the Brand Book captures the essence of your work culture.

From start to the end, a Brand Book requires immaculate level of research, clear concepts and knowledge about the business. The existing brand communication and the work performance matrices would be implemented to come up with a clean and clear Brand Book, for an impactful manifestation.

You can dictate your own branding

Share iconic and powerful branding ideas by putting a listicle on why your competitors failed and you succeeded. Compare the various aspects and generate a positive brand washed image. Put your thoughts in the Brand Book and make sure that there is a positive message for the users to turn the guidelines into profitable results.

Be aware, though

Never use the Brand Book to coax visitors into navigating your webpages. No matter how clean, fresh and friendly your book screams out to be, you have to match that expectation by working on the actual site.

For a positive brand washed image, get the Brand Book done along the lines of your existing web page. If you find a scope to re-engineer new themes and content designs for the webpage, ensure you do it according to the guidelines.


Don’t get too choosy with your Brand Book ideas. Explore and experiment on the ideas through internal communications. Hire a professional photographer if needed, and give superior glance over your studio-built Brand Book for a prolific and engaging brand washing encounter.

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