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Differences between Static and Dynamic Websites

There are two basic types of websites – dynamic and static. The back end work that goes into creating these websites differ in the cases of both static and dynamic websites. The main differentiating factor between a static and a…

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5 Elements for a Successful Logo

A logo is the most important element in the letterhead or a business card, in terms of design. It is an integral part of all the marketing collateral of your business, such as stationery, signage and other such material. The…

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8 Ways You Can Use Twitter Cover Image to Promote Your Business

The Twitter cover image can be used in numerous ways as per your needs and requirements. And one of the ways to use the cover image is to promote your business. This works well since most people are attracted towards…

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When does SEO actually start working?

Often, businesses get confused about what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) actually does to their business and how it would eventually benefit them. Their understanding of SEO is getting their websites higher rankings on Google. But, this is not the real…

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5 Ways to Get More Social Shares

When creating content for your on-site and off-site publishing, it is important to create in such a way that it appeals to different groups of people. Some of the most popular types of content formats are – Videos Lists How-to…

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Facebook Organic Page Reach Here to Stay

All those wondering if the news about Facebook doing away with organic page reach completely is true, then cheer up! The good news is that, organic page reach on Facebook is here to stay, albeit reduced. The number of organic…

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7 Steps that Will Make Your Audience Get Hooked to Your Content

Content marketing is all about creating content that will connect your audience and help build relationships. A lot of effort and time goes into creating content that will resonate with your audience and help strengthen your connection with your audience….

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Twitter tests the new “Instant Timeline”

You no longer have to sit and check or uncheck the interest categories on Twitter, for a new feature is being rolled out, the ‘Instant Timelines’. The Instant Timeline feature is for now being tested on a select number of…

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Influence of Product Packaging on Buying Decisions

You enter a store to buy yourself a can of juice. What’s running through your mind while you decide whether to go for Brand A or Brand B? Brand? Logo? Price? Or other factors? This might seem like such a…

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