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Influence of Product Packaging on Buying Decisions

You enter a store to buy yourself a can of juice. What’s running through your mind while you decide whether to go for Brand A or Brand B? Brand? Logo? Price? Or other factors? This might seem like such a…

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[EBOOK] Why You Need Social Media for Your Business

Often, businesses with no social media presence wonder if the presence on various social media platforms really makes a difference to their business. This is an answer best answered with detailed information on what you, as a business, can achieve…

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Storytelling for Strengthening Your Marketing Impact

While marketing a business, the fact that content marketing plays an important role is something most marketers are aware of. In fact, 2014 was even labelled the Year of the Story. Almost every marketing campaign out there has a story…

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Benchmark for Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Content marketers often find it difficult to prove if their content marketing efforts have paid off or not. The percentage of content marketers who find it tough to prove their content marketing ROI is close to 25. This is applicable…

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Different Brand Categories

In normal conversations, brands are often perceived as a single entity. In reality, that is not the case. There are different ways brands can be categorized. Understanding what goes into categorizing a brand helps you categorize and position your brand…

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Creative Contact Page Designs

While the homepage of a website is important to drive viewers to explore the entire website and drive traffic to the internal pages, the contact page is where your website would land you a conversion. A contact page which is…

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Visual Content Marketing Stats for 2015

Most digital marketers will agree with the fact that there are more people interested in visual content than regular text heavy content. Hence, visual content is used more than text-only content. The types of visual content commonly used by digital…

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Examples of Exemplary Homepage Design

When a person looks at your website, the first impression is created from the homepage. Hence the homepage is the doorway for your business and this determines whether a person clicks on the ‘Back’ button or continues to explore your…

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WhatsApp for the Web

WhatsApp users have a reason to cheer! Well, the rumours of WhatsApp being available for the Web which was doing the rounds all this while has finally turned true. Yes, the much loved application, WhatsApp is finally available for access…

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