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September 15, 2015



Akademe is an online portal which aims to bridge the gap between those who wish to learn and those who wish to teach. They approached us with a requirement of handling their pre-launch marketing activity as well as their branding.


We designed their complete brand identity including their website, logo, and corporate stationery. While in conversation with Akademe, we tried to understand what exactly they required in their logo. We then brainstormed over possible logo designs of which one was finalised by the client.

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30 Days Countdown

Akademe had a tentative date set for the launch. Keeping this in mind, we decided to keep the suspense of Akademe alive by creating a 30-day countdown posts series, an idea the client loved! So, each day, we had a different creative pertaining to the number of days left for the launch. The creatives had various facts associated with the number of the day and some also pertained to different subjects like Math, Geography, and others. Basically, every topic under the sun was delved into, through the countdown posts. We had real fun working on the creatives and the content for the posts! This was carried out on both Facebook and Twitter.

Interspersed with the countdown posts were regular engagement posts which did their job – driving engagement to the page! These posts comprised quotes by well-known personalities from across the world pertaining to learning and knowledge. In addition to quotes, we also included humour posts and some trivia on various topics.

The Facebook page started off with zero likes and then moved up the chart with the backing of the numerous posts we designed. Unlike regular pre-launch marketing strategies, our aim was to create a sense of curiosity in the minds of anybody viewing these posts. We wanted to keep them on the edge of their seats in anticipation of Akademe’s launch and see what it has to offer to the users.

Here are a few of the countdown posts –







Between the countdown posts, we also published a few engagement posts and creatives containing quotes, fun facts and others to engage with fans and followers of Akademe –

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-engagement Posts-1

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-engagement Posts-2

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-engagement Posts-3

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-engagement Posts-4

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-engagement Posts-5

During the countdown, Akademe’s Facebook page earned 1000 likes –

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-1000 Likes

#LearnWithAkademe Contest for Akademe Launch

To build the buzz around Akademe on the day of the launch, we organised a Twitter contest – #LearnWithAkademe. The idea of the contest was to make people tweet about one skill or hobby or passion they have always wanted to develop. We got some real good response from the followers –  some witty, some funny, and some straightforward and to-the-point!

Here are a few screenshots from the contest –

Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-LearnwithAkademe Intro



The hashtag #LearnWithAkademe was trending on Twitter –


The winners got Flipkart vouchers –Akademe-pre-launch-marketing-case-study-LearnwithAkademe-Winner


Our approach to the Akademe pre-launch campaign was comprehensive, and well-planned. This, we believe was the key to the success of Akademe’s launch as well as the buzz created around it even before the product was launched in the market.

Post launch, we published a creative with a visual representation of the categories of courses offered by Akademe –


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