8 Instagram Mistakes Brands Should Avoid

March 25, 2015


Instagram is clearly becoming popular as one of the social media platforms being used by businesses to promote their brands. Yet there are a few brands and businesses either not making use of Instagram’s full potential to promote their business or making mistakes in the process of marketing the business. These mistakes lead to a brand not garnering enough engagement from their followers although they might otherwise have a good position in the industry they belong to.

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Here are 8 Instagram mistakes brands should avoid making.

  1. Creating a strategy without a goal in mind
  2. Not focused on quality of content being shared
  3. Not posting enough content
  4. Misusing hashtags
  5. Getting paid followers and engagement
  6. Not maximizing on your Instagram following
  7. Posts which seem more promotional rather than engaging
  8. Not realizing the potential of Instagram for your brand’s marketing

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