7 Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

March 04, 2015


Google AdWords is the means of creating a lot of paid ad campaigns targeting your audience and ensuring viewers of your ads turn into customers for your business. But, companies often make the mistake of not understanding the complete scope of Google AdWords and making mistakes in the process. This leads to increased ad spend with lack of concrete results and insufficient ROI. Many marketers use paid ad campaigns with insufficient knowledge about the whole process, thereby harming the campaign’s effectiveness and profitability.

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Here are 7 Google AdWords mistakes you must avoid in order to see visible results of your paid ad campaigns.

  1. Broad keywords
  2. Stuffing your ad group with keywords
  3. Using the ‘search network with display select’ ad campaign type
  4. Directing the traffic to your homepage
  5. Excluding negative keywords
  6. Lack of even rotation of ad variation displays
  7. ROI not being measured

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