7 Essential Elements of a Business Website

March 30, 2015


A website is an essential component for a business. Since the website plays a very important role in the running of your business, it is essential to create a website which draws people to your business as well. A business website should have certain essential elements.

Some of the elements that are essential for a business website include the following –

About Us

The about us page is an important element for a business website. This section gives the viewer of your website an idea of the company and the business along with the people who are part of the company. While writing content for the about us section, think about your potential prospects, vendors, as well as hires.

Products / Services (or both)

The products/services page is another essential element for your business website. When a visitor lands on your website, it is important to ensure that the visitor knows the various products or services you have to offer. And of course you must check our services page for reference!

Contact Us

The contact us section helps the viewer of your website understand how to contact you, in case he/she wishes to find out more details about your business and the products/services offered by you. A contact form, company contact number, and official mailing address are key elements of this section.

Call to Action

A clear call-to-action button on every page of the website helps people understand what sort of action to take. Depending on whether your business is into products or services, appropriate call to action buttons need to be inserted. This is an extremely useful aid in lead generation.  Sitemap – The sitemap is an extremely essential element for a website, and more so, in the case of a business website. It acts like an index of the content of the website, including the different web pages. A sitemap for your website also helps in SEO since the website will be clearly organised. You can think of a sitemap as a guide for search engines through your website. Other SEO methods like heading tags optimization, description and keywords optimization, image and link optimization are also essential if you want your business website to get listed on search engines.

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A page for testimonials helps add a sense of credibility to your business. Getting your clients’ testimonials up on your website will be a boost for your business since others who view your website will partly base their decisions regarding your business based on the testimonials. If you’re launching a new business’ website, you might not have existing testimonials. Just keep this in mind and make room (a new page or section) for this while explaining the requirements to your web designer.

Social media URLs

In 2015, a new business website should not go without linking to their social media pages. You must, however, make sure your social media profiles are set up properly, with proper profile images and cover photos, different ones for different platforms based on the optimal sizes and specifications. Don’t feel shy if you don’t have a huge list of fans or followers. Remember, you also want to drive traffic from your website to your social media profiles, hence creating a set of people you can advertise and engage through the platforms THEY love!

Google Analytics

Launching the website is just the first step, but the purpose of ANY business website is solved when it fulfills the business goals from the website. To analyse the traffic on your business website, you must integrate Google Analytics and get reports on the same.

These are a few of the essential elements to include when getting a website designed for your business. Apart from these, there are many other elements which hold equal importance for your website. These elements also play crucial roles in ensuring visitors of your website turn into customers.

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