5 Ways Businesses can use Pinterest

September 12, 2014

After Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, Pinterest is the latest marketing tool used by businesses and entrepreneurs alike. With Pinterest having an option of signing up as business, it is extremely convenient for businesses to create an online presence on this free social media platform. Since people respond better to visuals than text, Pinterest is the perfect platform to market one’s business/services.


Businesses can pin visuals related to their business with a call to action asking people to re-pin this post.  This helps in creating visibility for the business because Pinterest has a link back to the original Pinterest profile. This creates a chain wherein businesses can pin posts and they get visitors to their Pinterest business profile, thereby increasing their visibility and giving an opportunity to convert their leads from sales.


Pinterest works great for e-commerce sites, increasing the ratio of their leads to sales conversions. When e-commerce ventures pin pictures of their products, it helps people browsing for particular categories of pins or browsing for pictures of particular products. If a particular pin directs them to the e-commerce site from where customers can buy the product directly, then it is easy to make people buy a company’s products. Also, it is a good form of engagement to pin pictures of customers who have bought your products. This also helps other potential customers feel the business is real.



For those of you who weren’t aware of this feature, the answer is YES! Pinterest does help with your Search Engine Optimization. This is because you can add a few keywords related to the post you are pinning on Pinterest. Also, you can create back links to your websites and other sites which carry information about your business.


By following other business profiles on Pinterest, your business can benefit greatly in terms of networking. Other businesses, when in need of products or services you cater to, will approach you which help increase your sales. It also helps you build connections across various industries and sectors. This proves useful irrespective of whether you are already well established as a business or still in the startup stage.

Pinterest regularly

Another way in which businesses can remain active on Pinterest is to pin posts regularly. This way, their activity is noticed by their followers who in turn realize that this business is serious about what they do. This helps in referrals and ensures more people become aware of a particular business. It also helps in increased user engagement on Pinterest with followers of your business continuously interacting with you and among them about you.


These 5 tips will surely help you build a solid presence on Pinterest and help you convert leads into sales. Share some love if you find these useful!

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