5 Startups in Bangalore Excelling in Inbound Marketing

February 09, 2016

Inbound marketing has been the talk of the town since its inception by Hubspot CEO, Brian Halligan in 2005. Bangalore being the hub of startups, inbound marketing has been their go to marketing tool because of the immense opportunities it offers to grow business by leaps and bounds. It’s easy on the pocket and does not require huge investments compared to traditional marketing.


The ‘sharing is caring’ strategy which inbound marketing focuses on seems to be working well with the Bangalore startups who are delivering exceptional content to their audience and are successful in getting them attracted towards their offerings. These startups are everywhere – from social media to blogs to E-books – and we are not complaining. The awesome flow of information being offered through blogs and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. is not only keeping the customers well informed but also bringing them closer to their favourite brands and helping them develop a sense of brand loyalty.

However, excelling in the inbound marketing field is not everyone’s cup of tea! A few startups in Bangalore have paved the way for some great learnings in this field. Here we list a couple of them and what makes stand apart.

1) HackerEarth :

HackerEarth,a one of its kind website has brought about a revolutionary change in the recruitment industry.



Founded by:  Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash

Founded In:  November 2012

Key-Inbound Channels:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,Blogs, Podcast, E-mails

This Bangalore based startup technology company is home to developers from all over the world. The inbound marketing channels that they use to attract the techie crowd mostly include the social media platforms, LinkedIn and E-mails. The promise to make the users learn, compete and get hired is clearly communicated on the landing page which has been designed carefully keeping in mind the user’s persona. They use social media to the fullest to interact with their followers. The rich content that they offer through their blogs, notes, forums, tutorials, and podcasts completes the inbound marketing package.

2)  Scripbox:

Scripbox enables users to invest in pre-selected mutual funds, which are scientifically selected to outperform the Nifty.


Founded by: Atul Shinghal, Sanjiv Singhal and WS Ravishankar

Founded in: November 2012

Key-Inbound Channels:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs,E-mails

This startup was founded by a group of experienced finance professionals who felt that the investment process needs to be simplified for the layman to understand. They use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help novice investors understand investment and mutual funds through their product. They also rely on their informative blogs and pop-ups on these to bring in more users. Blog updates are send to the subscribers once they register with their email-ids. They also use gated landing pages to bring in more visitors to their site.

3) Thrillophilia:

This Bangalore Based adventure travel company focuses on online sales of adventure tours, experiences, and adventure activities.


Founded by: Chitra Gurnani and Abhishek Daga

Founded in: 2009

Key-Inbound Channels:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blogs

Thrillophilia aims to provide the customers with the best local experiences and guides to make their adventures an offbeat experience. They use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to provide the visitors and overall understanding of the company and the services they offer. Their comprehensive blogs and newsletters keep the readers enthralled – always wanting more and waiting for the next update.

4) Money View:

Money View is a personal money manager app which helps you to track your expenses in real time.


Founded by: Sanjay Aggarwal and Puneet Agarwal

Founded in: January 2014

Key-Inbound Channels:  Facebook, Twitter, Blogs

The money view app makes personal money management simple, smart, and secured for its customers. It is mainly targeted to young independent individuals who want to stay financially fit. Money view excels at the inbound marketing front by intelligently using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote and make customers aware of their offerings. They have blogs which help them educate their audiences with money saving strategies, investing and personal money management tips, etc. They also provide newsletters to the subscribers which help them stay connected to the users.

5) Swiggy:

A bangalore based food-ordering and delivery app


Founded by: Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy and Rahul Jaimani

Founded in: August 2014

Key-Inbound Channels:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Blogs (The Munching Bag)

The Swiggy app takes food ordering and delivery to a hyperlocal level. It focusses on getting the food delivered from the best restaurants in the neighbourhood to the customer’s door-steps. Swiggy is gaining popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest where they share videos on how the food is being prepared in these restaurants. Their blogs are attractive and catchy with subjects ranging from creative usage of kitchen utensils to places where you can visit with your loved ones.


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