5 Social Media Sins That Small Business Owners Should Avoid

September 23, 2016

The trend in digital marketing is all about engaging audience on social media. What started as an offshoot of regular personalised networking is now a heavy-weight marketing strategy. However, majority of the small companies have a hard time negotiating the demands and expectation of social media campaigns.

Here are 5 social media mistakes that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make.

1) No Social Media Roadmap

You can make just one lasting impression on social media, and the tone is set by your first look. Losing this one opportunity can put you behind your competitors with an permanently dented reputation online. Blame it on a poorly planned social media  strategy.

Without planning, taking to social media platforms can prove to be a costly affair. Depending on the targeted audience and product portfolio, one social media platform may not be enough. You must design multiple roadmaps for leading you through different platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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2) Taking Crowded Channels without Creativity

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest continue to be the go-to social media destination for digital marketers. Everyone else is equally focussed on building strategies relevant to respective platforms. SMEs make accounts on a number of social media channels without giving a thought on contents that will engage their followers and prospects ingeniously.

However, best marketers use them with creativity. Small business owners miss out on the use of emojis and buttons on their online campaigns, Best campaigns are built real-time to generate potential leads and continue engagement with the audience for great results. Facebook Live and Twitter Ads can promote excellent content backed by high-quality images and short embedded videos.

3) Giving YouTube a Complete Miss

Only a handful of SMEs start their social media venture on YouTube, The largest vide sharing platform is your ticket to instant branding and lead generation. It is a cardinal sin to neglect YouTube in building a social media strategy. It is especially critical when your main webpage is down.

There will be times when your main website will be down due to hoisting and maintenance issues. Don’t miss that bus on social media. Engage audience online and still run your business even as website is resuscitated. SMEs totally neglect this when their site is down, and miss out on all the possible business that could possible have come through social media through engagements.

4) Missing the Synergy without Specialist Professionals

Synergy is key to success online, and it comes with experience,

Social media influencers and specialist campaign managers make a lot of difference to how SMEs turn the game around. From identifying best engagement channel to segregating genuine buyers from the fake ones—it takes special skill set in analytics, brand portfolio management and timeline decisions for  consistent brand image across social media platforms.

Launch a campaign with synergy in mind. Best example who does it right is- Freecharge. It makes biggest impact through small synergies in all its campaigns.

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5) Losing Out in Battle between Branding and Conversions

SMEs try to drive branding in shortest time. They take leeway in sharing everything on all social media platforms without authority hoping for conversions. Loyal audiences don’t appreciate this, as they wish to see different thing on every social media platform. Try different pins on Pinterest, communities in Google+, videos on You Tube and tweets on Twitter for the same campaign.

Paid social media campaigns empower the SME to develop and promote content resourcefully and judiciously. For best branding that pushes conversion ratio, engage audience with instant acknowledgement and replies on the posts and comments with automated prompts and replies.

If you are not listening and responding to the audience on social media, you are as good (or worse) as dead in the business online. Hook up your audience everywhere. Take them from Facebook to Google+. Lead them to everywhere they want to be—Keep Evolving Socially.

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