5 Mistakes on Twitter You Should Never Make Again

August 08, 2014

Twitter is not only a place to share personal thoughts, but is also a great place for business. However, ads are annoying and with social media companies pushing ads all the time, people often overlook ads, no matter how relevant they are. However, people will follow accounts of their favorite brands and people and look for updates from the brands. So the updates better be engaging enough. Here are a list of a few mistakes that people do on Twitter and also how you can avoid them.

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1. Buy your followers

When you want to sell a product, or promote something on Twitter, initially, you need to connect to people who feel the same way about the brand. You connect to these people because the positive feedback makes you feel good. If you lead with the authenticity, this feeling is also projected to your followers. However, they will not get into buying your products or be engaged in the promotion if they find out that you have fake followers or some drones. Authenticity is important and that will need human labour. If your followers smell anything fake on your account, if they see that you can more about numbers than just real connections, then it will not work out.

So, here is the trick. Keep the list of followers small and keep those who are genuinely interested. They will also promote tweets on your behalf, keep that in mind. Also, if you are faking it, then it can be checked out from this interesting site: fakers.statuspeople.com.

2. Follow and Unfollow

A lot of people do this and they can be smelled from a mile away. People follow certain accounts and then next moment, they unfollow. This shallow connection is hated by a lot. It is not about how many people you follow, but it is about the community. So, next time you follow someone on Twitter, have a look at this list.

  • Do you like their tweets?
  • Will you retweet the tweets?
  • Will you one the links that they share?
  • Would you value their opinion if you asked them anything?

3. Use tons of hashtags

Too many hashtags are just unprofessional. Also, would you use hashtags in a real conversation? No. So do not do it on Twitter too, unless it is needed.

twitter #

4. Too much of Retweeting

Retweeting is a great way to connect to people on Twitter, show them that you care about people and their posts are worth sharing. However, if you only retweet, people will just see other people’s tweets on your account. So why will they follow you? Retweets are good, but they should be only a small fraction of all your tweets.

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5. Be Someone Else

This is the worse that someone can actually do. Inauthenticity can be a huge turn off for people. A good starting point for the authenticity can be a proper profile picture and description. Also, purposeful communication will gain you the trust of the followers on Twitter.

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