5 Examples of Interesting Color Schemes for Website Designs

March 23, 2015

The color scheme used while designing a website plays an important role in ensuring the viewer or the end user likes the website. Different color schemes can be used for different websites depending on the industry the website represents. The colors are representative of the theme of the company and also they convey different messages. Each color scheme evokes a particular set of emotions and reactions from the viewers. Read on to know 5 examples of interesting color schemes for website designs.

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The Enterprise Foundation

The Enterprise Foundation website uses bright colors without making the colors seem like they are hitting you in the eye. Yet, the color scheme makes it eye-catching and is enough to grab the viewer’s attention. The mix of white, yellow, magenta, blue, and dark grey makes the website visually appealing. 5-examples-of-interesting-color-schemes-for-website-designs-We-Can-Help-Enterprise-Foundation


NAF – The Daily Commute

The website of NAF – The Daily Commute uses a color scheme with a mix of colors like yellow, toned down orange, different shades of grey. Usage of these colors makes the website look bright as well as a little subdued where the text is placed. This ensures the viewers can easily read the text while the visuals make the website attention grabbing.



Heimplanet Zelte

The Heimplanet Zelte website uses a combination of colors which are not bright but not very subdued either. The combination of black, grey, blue, and orange make the website look aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. It has a very pleasing effect and gives a very classy feel to the website.



The Big Top

The Big Top website uses a combination of analogous colors. This basically means the usage of colors which are placed next to each other on the color wheel. This adds contrast which makes the viewer of the website focus on the design aspect.




The website of Mint.com uses a very pleasing color combination of greens and white. This makes the viewer feel relaxed while viewing the website, as a whole.



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