20 Brands who Changed their Logos in 2014

January 01, 2015



The new logo links past to present. The new logo, reflects the evolution of WWE’s global brand.


The new logo of DeviantArt is a reflection of their desire to upturn the world as well as an evolution of their existing logomark. Their new logo has a unique mark with a combination of a right side up and upside down A. People had mixed opinions about the change of logo and there were quite a few critical reviews about the new logo.


New PayPal logo includes a double P monogram along with the PayPal logotype modified. The new logo reflects people coming together.


The new Lipton logo has the name Lipton right in the center of the lens flare. It also has more subtle shading. Some people felt the new Lipton logo is more stylized.


Unveiled new logo design in July. The new logo symbol is called, Bélo, (the universal symbol of belonging). Allowed Airbnb users to make their own version of the logo. The new logo received quite a bit of flak.


The new logo of Reebok has a delta symbol. Reebok delta represents mental, physical, and social changes, occurring when people embrace an active lifestyle and push beyond their limits. Some people reacted to the new Reebok symbol by saying it’s similar to Google Drive’s symbol while some were of the opinion that the symbol does its job.


No comments. We don\’t even want to think about the million dollars spent on removing that yellow strand and applying the gradient.

Oxford Dictionaries

The new logo of Oxford Dictionaries is a combination of a word mark and contains a symbol – a monogram with o and d. This is in a dull blue shade.


An extremely small change in the logo design. A modification in the kerning of the letters ‘g’ and ‘l’.


The new logo of Fitness First hits you in the face with the change in the typography as well as the 1F monogram. It instantly connects with the viewer as a fitness brand, with a more contemporary look and feel.

Pizza Hut

The new logo of Pizza Hut has a pizza like circle while keeping intact the hut illustration which is iconic of Pizza Hut, right from the beginning.


Hershey’s new logo was supposedly inspired by the concept of flat design. The new logo is a reflection of the company’s evolution to being a global snack and confection company.


The new logo of Monster has a purple flag behind the Monster lettering. The purple flag is a reflection of warmth and humanity, and brings out the uniqueness of Monster since no country has a purple flag.


The new logo of Codecademy projects the brand in a more professional manner. It is also now easier for people to understand the pronunciation of Codecademy.


Created their own font for the new Intel logo design which would facilitate easier viewing on mobile screens. New font called Intel Clear. Logo redesign very subtle.


The new logo of Volvo has two versions – a black version and a silver version. Both the versions are tweaked versions of the earlier logo of Volvo. The VOLVO lettering is also more subdued in the new versions.


The new logo of Netflix sports a modern look, different from the earlier conventional look. The removal of the shadow effect has made it a more simplistic logo.


The new logo of Indiegogo is a reflection of its intention to work with campaigners across the world so as to make sure people world over could fund projects that matter to them.

Disney Channel

The new logo of the Disney Channel is a drastic shift from the earlier version where the Mickey Mouse silhouette was dominating. The new logo has the Mickey Mouse silhouette as a mere squiggle.


The new Marriot logo has a modern appeal. The M has a more iconic look rather than a typographical look. There is an overall simple, sophisticated and elegant look.

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